The coupon industry is facing a number of challenges, including fraud, operational inefficiencies, and slow settlement. In order to modernize this process, the industry has decided to move to a new application identifier, AI (8112), which centralizes all coupon data in the cloud. This new, single source of truth removes the ability to produce counterfeits, and allows brands to distribute offers directly to their audience while receiving real-time attribution data. These offers can be used in digital and print format, and are retailer-agnostic.

The Universal Coupon is a new industry standard, brought to you by The Coupon Bureau, an Agnostic Solution Provider selected in 2019. The Coupon Bureau is a non-profit organization, managed by the grocery industry, and is backed by JICC, ACP, FMI, CBA, CIC, Conexxus, NACS. The Universal Coupon supports and enables the new standard and process AI (8112), creating a connected ecosystem.

The video provided, featuring The Coupon Bureau CEO Brandi Johnson, and Prevailing Path Co-Founder John Andrews, explains the importance of the Universal Coupon and its benefits to the industry. It highlights the problems with the legacy coupon format and how the new standard eliminates these issues. The video also goes into detail about the features of the Universal Coupon, such as its ability to be used in digital and print format, and its retailer-agnostic nature. It also highlights the various organizations that support the Universal Coupon, and the efforts of The Coupon Bureau to promote it.

Overall, the Universal Coupon is a major step forward for the coupon industry, addressing many of the issues with the legacy format and providing a more efficient and secure solution for brands and retailers alike. With the support of key industry players and the efforts of The Coupon Bureau, the Universal Coupon is poised to become the new standard in the industry.

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