A little advice for people here using LinkedIn and Facebook, more of a very strong suggestion… stop sending out invites without a personalized note, and best if that note offers a reason you want to connect. EVEN if we just had a conversation/engagement… ALWAYS include a personal note.

If you don’t include a personal note when you reach out to connect here on LinkedIn… the odds are I will ignore and delete the request. Obviously a lot less likely if we know each other or just had a convo, but either way, please take this advice. I promise it will help people remember and respect you. A Brand is what a business or person does, a Reputation is what people Remember and Share.

Make it personal… do what you can to initiate engagement. AND always send a personal note when you accept an invitation, even if there was not one with the outreach.

Just saying people… it’s all about building relationships, not just being connected, and the first step of that relationship is the introduction… especially if we have never met!


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