Love Tami Cannizzaro’s Tapping into the Human Spirit post, and feel so much the same way about all that we were honored to watch, think about, imagine, and internalize at the London Summer Olympic Games. In particular I thought the US Olympic Women totally ROCKED. I am Inspired, Proud… totally overcome with Admiration. I want to thank them particularly, and all who participated as athletes and in any other respect, for making this a special few days.

I am really going to miss all the amazingly touching, inspiring, and heartfelt commercials from the Olympics… I barely remember any of the brands who spent enormous amounts of money producing and buying the time to show them, but love the entertainment. P&G is the only brand, as Tami mentioned, who really made an impact, but cannot credit them, as some have, with knocking it out of the park. In fact I believe in a big respect, they totally dropped the ball. Their campaign was amazing, and deserving of awards and kudos, but what happended to the social component??? Seemed to be a total lack of Social integration during what can only be dubbed… the Twitter Olympics.

No real user-generated contact… no, “Tell us stories about your Mom.” No interaction with the people posting on the Facebook page and Twitter seemed to be totally fogotten as a engagement tool for brands. Just seemed to me from a social perspective, all these brands were asleep at the switch or simply following the guidance of their agencies telling them, like they tell most… make a campaign, have a Facebook page, maybe a Pinterest page, don’t worry about staffing we’ll take care of that, and it is all about us broadcasting, that we can scale, but forget about the interaction and engagement, that’s overrated. How about taking this past the Olympics and making it a social movement about honoring Mom. Ok, I have ranted enough.

I was moved, inspired, touched and encouraged by these Olympics and will miss the great entertainment, but truly remember little about the “advertisers/sponsors.”

Tami, love, love, love your concept of… Tapping into the Human Spirit (think I am going to use that). Hope some brand has the foresight to tap into your open heart and brilliant mind.


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