What do Arby’s, Go Daddy, Virgin Airways and James Corden know that the rest of us need to learn?

Learn from (WATCH VIDEO BELOW) this newest episode of David and Ted Talk about….

  • How to know if you’re being inspired versus blindly copying
  • When is humor stupid and unfunny?
  • The vital role of authenticity in branding and humor
  • How humor cannot be treated as a bandaid 


Recently, I sat and spoke with the as-candid-as-they-come social media strategist Ted Rubin about humor in branding. And what we had to say, nobody would believe (which is why we caught it on video).  


First of all, Ted is a pretty funny guy, and I’ve had my moments plus we’ve been around long enough to see the good, the bad and ugly in humor.

In this new video, we touch upon a number of brands and initiatives, yet the commercials, brands and messages that stick are a select, short few, leaving many to attempt humor — and fail in the process.

We even discuss that absurdly weird TV commercial in last year’s Super Bowl with that disgusting diapered baby/monkey creature that so many on TV and in offices spoke of (yet nobody seems to remember the brand) — as well as why the memorable Go Daddy campaign which debuted in 2005 worked and why Arby’s relationship with Jon Stewart (who endlessly mocked the fast food chain) worked so successfully.

And how James Corden of the Late Late Show has used humor to amass over 800 million views in the last 12 months on YouTube.


In short, it comes down to a few important details you need to know if you’re going to play in this arena with some basic guidelines you better know and follow (if you want to escape the fate of being laughed at versus being laughed with).

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