In 2008, before the influencing Earth cooled, John Andrews and Ted Rubin came together over a radical new idea to involve bloggers in marketing campaigns. Their new book, Retail Relevancy, offers strategies based on 14 years of research, common sense, and lessons learned to help brands convert content to commerce.

dad2summit… When it comes to influence and innovation, the OG team of @katadhin and @tedrubin is part Lennon/McCartney and part Statler/Waldorf. After 14 years of collaboration, their message perseveres: Geek out, speak from the heart, and #BeGoodToPeople.

We talk about content marketing’s humble beginnings (in print!), the myth of large followings, their new book @retailrelevancy, the power of smaller networks who actually talk to each other, and how influencers of any size can find their place at the table.


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