My Guest is an industry leader in Social Marketing strategy and brand evangelism. Forbes Magazine ranked him among the top 15 social media influencers, he was listed number 2 on the LeadTail list of top 25 people most mentioned by digital marketers. He is the author of two successful books: “Return on Relationship” and “How to Look People in the Eye Digitally”.In this episode Ted Rubin and I discuss:

  • The importance of jumping in and starting new ventures right now. There is no perfect time or moment for anything.
  • The benefits of doing things for others without expecting directly anything in return.
  • Learning from your own mistakes, quickly moving on and then trying again.
  • Creating communities and bringing people together.
  • Best business advice from junior high wrestling coach who told him that it’s never over.
  • Being patient and understanding that everything takes time and nothing happens over night.
  • How Ted Rubin’s “average day” looks like.
  • The importance of listening to your own inner voice to relying on your own judgment and intuition.

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