Love this post Tiffany… a true tribute to friendship. Honored you mentioned me and included a link to my post. Friends come in all shapes and sizes, some last, others do not, but we hold on to the memories and the part they play. I tell my daughters all the time that friendship, true friendship, takes work, dedication and commitment. Some people are true friends who will always be there, some come and go, and others are mere acquaintances… but all play an important role in our lives.  ”Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~AnaisNin  ~READ TIFFANY’S POST BELOW… 

Originally posted at July 2, 2014

My mom always told me I would never need more than one hand to count the true friends in my life.

And just when you think you can take on that second hand, something happens to prove that mama was right… again.

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Is a friend the one bailing you out… or sitting next to you in the back seat of the squad car?
 Let’s Be Friends!

The word “friend” lost its true meaning and depth once the term became popular amongst Facebook users. Ted Rubin has a great blog,“Let’s Take Back The Word, ‘Friend!’” in which he differentiates the meaning of the word online and in life.

But it’s not just limited to Facebook – oh no!

Many times I will catch myself saying, “Just the other day, my friend was telling me about…” When in actuality, the person with whom I was speaking wasn’t a friend, it was just someone that works in an office to which I frequent or maybe even just a stranger at the bar.

It’s amazing how easy that word just rolls off the tongue.

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Friends for 30 years starting families of our own
 Different Strokes For Different Folks

I believe that we all have a very limited number of friends, and even within that small number, you will only need one hand to count the “true” friends. After that, everyone is just a mere acquaintance, colleague, business partner, or associate.

My BFF, Dave, didn’t ask me where I was going until he dropped me off at the airport. I questioned him as to how he could be taking me but not know where I’m going?

“You’re my best friend. You needed me, I was here. No questions needed.”

THAT right there, is one of the strongest definitions of a true friend that I honor.


I’m a true relationship builder, and have had many relationships with many people in all sorts of capacities through my life.

There have been relationships that lasted just weeks, and some that have lasted years, and a few even a lifetime. Some have drifted but I’m sure will return, as they are never far from my heart.

summer 2009
Friendships from two worlds can come together to make a special bond.

I have my 2 best friends that have been in my life since day one –George and Lizzy.

Georgie & I started kindergarten together 25 years ago
Georgie & I started kindergarten together 25 years ago

George’s parents and mine have always been best of friends and we grew up in each other’s families, vacations and now sharing in weddings, baby showers & baptisms!

20140703_003600 (2)
4th grade field trip

Lizzy and I were in the very same class from Kindergarten until I transferred  in 10th grade, but we still remained best of friends through graduation and most of college.

We were kind of bad asses... so we thought :)
We were kind of bad asses… so we thought 🙂Sarah Croce (aka Crotchie) came to our school as a newbie in 9thgrade and we immediately clicked. Despite how opposite we were – and the fact that I was making fun of her last name within the first hour in her new school – is just one great story in our forever long book.
My homegirl

Harmony and I met the summer before I went off to college through the great game of tennis – just two young girls beating up on the lil ol’ ladies in the city of Pawtucket’s women summer league. How can you not bond over that?
Side note: My mother was her high school English teacher! Ha! Fate :)

From crazy college kids to having one of our own. Yikes!
From crazy college kids to having one of our own. Yikes!

Christy and I met our very first day on campus as raw freshmen at good ol’ Saint Leo University in 2002. It was love at first coffee – and flask – from that very first orientation activity night. I transferred the following year, but she is still my PIC and I am now Ah-Tee Tif.

He is the Santa to my Claus :)
He is the Santa to my Claus 🙂

And now I have my best friend since I entered the professional world. David and I met through my work with the Super Bowl in 2009. Our relationship has blossomed into something so very special and when I was  promoted to BFF status – no looking back since.


Yes, I can count. OK, so that’s six….

Yes, you counted correctly.

But mama is always right!

20140307_213405 (2)

While times have changed, these six people have always been my best friends and will always be referred to as such.

However, the reality of the situation is that two of these relationships have years-old wounds still healing and unfortunately with the recent addition of diminishing contact.

But that’s OK.     jTxK4bqTE

Even though all of them won’t be there for me the way I know the others would be, I’d still be there for them – and they know that.

Even though I know they won’t pick up my phone calls at 3am, I would still do that for them – and they know that.

Even though I know there are limits on some friendships, there are none to mine – and they know that.

IMG_20140415_221852 20140703_003634 (2)

Times Change, Friendships Don’t Have To

No matter what happens over one year, five years, or fifteen years – nothing will take these people out of my heart and out of my head.

We spent so much time together in the early phases of our friendships, and then life takes over.

Jobs become more important – so do other relationships, such as lovers. These lovers turn into husbands and wives and eventually full time families with different obligations.

Friends can change their location, they can change their attitudes, and they can change their view on the world.; But one thing they can not change is an incredible history they have written together in the book of their lives that still has many chapters to fill.


So to you friends I have identified here, I love you and am so blessed and grateful for you in my life, now and for all the years to come.

To those who are in my life currently as ‘friends’ that may or may not stick around long, yet bring value and blessings to my life  – I thank you for the good times… and the bad.

And to those in my life who have proven to be  good ‘friends’ and those with whom I am starting to build new relationships and memories – I look forward to many many more.


 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.
Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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