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Need to lower the stress from a frustrating workday or find a way to put yourself in that “happy” place? Learn from children and skip. I’m not kidding! It might sound silly, but it really isn’t. The act of skipping (with or without a rope) involves both sides of the brain, plus it improves coordination, muscle tone—even bone density. Read more on the benefits of skipping here: https://iskip.com/2022/02/post-3/

Remember back to your childhood when you would skip just because you were happy and it was fun. Or for me as a Dad watching the pure joy of my daughters skipping. I soon realized that the best way to put them in a happy mood was to skip with them. When they started fighting or just fussing with each other… I would grab their hands and break in to a skipathon. This opened my eyes to how good skipping makes anyone feel.

Besides the physical benefits, skipping also improves your mood. Just try it! I’m pretty sure that it will be impossible for you (or those around you) to stay angry or stressed after a skip around the block… or the office. In fact, don’t be surprised if you start laughing like a kid again after just a few skips… I do it every day and it always brings a smile to my face.

Now we all know that when our mood is positive, good things tend to happen. We get more done, we’re naturally nicer to people (and people are nicer to us) and we even think better. So why not start the day that way? Whether you usually walk or run outside for exercise or work out in a gym, try incorporating a period of skipping into your routine. You’ll be surprised at how it can improve your attitude and outcomes. Or, having a bad day, get up from your desk and skip, I am certain it will make you feel better… but even if not, I assure you it will make those around you smile, and take notice. ?

Here’s a tip for you… try to figure out a way to get your customers, clients or shoppers, vendors, employees, friends and family, to “metaphorically skip” whenever they experience you, your product or service…. with every interaction! What can you offer or show that can help them reap the same benefits that you get from a skip around the block? Deliver that for them, and you’ll not only have happy customers—you’ll have evangelists who will sing your praises to everyone they know. Talk about Return on Relationship!

You’ll have to try skipping first so you can personally experience the feeling—but guess what? We do our best creative thinking when we’re relaxed and happy (another lesson we can learn from children).  So I challenge you at the start of this New Year… give skipping a try. 

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