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Ted Rubin is a social marketing strategist, international speaker, business advisor, and author. Known for his ability to make personal connections with people, Ted popularized the term Return on Relationship™ (ROR) — proposing authentic relationships create value for both parties. His book, Return on Relationship, is based on this premise and presents practical, real-world ideas to help businesses maximize their potential using community-focused internet resources.

Ted is also a strategic advisor, investor, and board member for multiple entities in various industries, including Evergreen Trading, The Coupon Bureau, Impactica, Spaceback, and SheSpeaks Inc.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

• Ted Rubin shares how his marketing background has fueled his passion for establishing relationships
• The relevancy of maintaining a social media presence in an evolving marketing climate
• Ted defines what it means to make digital eye contact
• Strategies for personalizing the e-commerce customer experience
• How impersonal email marketing habits adversely affect company reputation
• The value of shifting to an omnipresent marketing approach
• How the customer experience equally affects branding and reputation
• Cultivating opportunities to network through unexpected mediums
• How integrity was modeled by parental figures in Ted’s adolescence
• Ted discloses how he met Seth Godin

In this episode… ´

eCommerce brands are quickly losing customer interest due to impersonal marketing strategies. With numerous companies selling similar products and services, novel approaches are sparse, making it challenging to distinguish between competitors. Amidst competing brands, how can you personalize your marketing efforts to entice and retain customers?

Mass emails are a leading marketing strategy for many brands because of their convenience. Lack of personalization, however, does little to convince a consumer they are valued. Ted Rubin implores brand marketers to invest in strategies that cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship. Gathering intel on customer preferences and prioritizing their worth will garner appreciation and loyalty — improving a business’ reputation.

On this episode of the Up Arrow Podcast, William Harris welcomes Ted Rubin, strategic relationship advisor, to discuss how e-commerce enterprises can boost their brand and reputation by valuing return on relationships. Ted’s marketing career provides perspective on maintaining a social media presence and strategies for personalizing the customer experience. He also urges e-commerce businesses to reevaluate the efficacy of their email marketing habits and shift to an omnipresent marketing mindset.

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