Today’s Guest: Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Brand Evangelist, CMO and Keynote Speaker. In March 2009 he started using and evangelizing the term ROR (hashtag #RonR), Return on Relationship™. His first book, Return on Relationship, was released 1/29/13.

Follow Ted on Twitter @TedRubin. He can also be found on LinkedIn.

You’ll Learn:

  • How Ted learned with Seth Godin in the early days of Permission Marketing.
  • The value of tenacity & how it’s helped Ted in his career.
  • How Ted takes poor jobs and turns them into success.
  • Why looking at the value of a relationship over time is more advantageous than day to day.
  • The importance of knowing the difference between commentary and journalism.
  • Ted’s step-by-step roadmap to content syndication that maximizes return on relationship.


3 Key Points:

  1. Understand the value of relationships
  2. Why it’s important to understand the difference between commentary and journalism.
  3. Own your online presence! Facebook could change terms and put you out of business.

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