I publish all my content on TedRubin.com and distribute it from there. I utilize Medium, LinkedIn, and external blogs to endorse and re-share my content. Even if I create content for another platform and receive compensation, I ensure it is also posted on TedRubin.com. I retain co-ownership of all content produced for partners.

Syndication is crucial…

It’s essential to share your content across various social channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Threads Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat, enabling easy sharing by others (Twitter was a critical component for my syndication, but I have abandoned it over the past year due to the nature of the current environment and control there… I no longer see the value). Don’t hesitate to repost content periodically through your social platforms, particularly well-received posts. Permit others to freely repost your content with proper attribution and a link back to the original post, or even without (good content tends to find its way back to the creator). Several media/corporate sites have the liberty to repost my content in its entirety, provided they credit and link back to the original post. While I prefer proper attribution, I am open to my content being shared without credit, as my primary goal is to disseminate my ideas as widely as possible.

I often repurpose content initially shared as Facebook or LinkedIn posts into future blog entries. Similarly, I save any content contributed to someone else’s posts (especially round-ups) that can be repurposed into a blog post for TedRubin.com. Additionally, when I am interviewed for external platforms, I frequently repost, and re-purpose the content on TedRubin.com. This ensures that all content is preserved under my ownership rather than simply being rented by others. Lately, I have also been adding text subtitles to external content and dividing it into more manageable segments for sharing and syndication. I find, especially with travel, business meetings and especially events and interview appearances, I have an abundance of content that exceeds the time I can allocate for sharing… so it is easy for me. If spreading your message and building a brand is important to you, try to get to the same place by leveraging all that you do.

Syndicate, syndicate, syndicate… share your content via all social channels, which also makes it easy for others to share. Repost and repurpose well received evergreen content, and ride it until the wheels fall off.

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