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Ted Rubin

(1) Social media is known to be a job that never sleeps, how do you ensure that you do?

Social media truly never does sleep but what I find is that social media is very reactive. You have to put out to get back so at some point, usually late at night, you simply have to put a hard stop in place. That is hard for me since I am a content producer on Twitter and since I think in 140 characters naturally I am always spitting out content. Since I have come to realize that I can survive on 4 hours sleep for many nights in a row, but anything less than that does not work, I know I cannot carve anymore time out of the day, so 2am is usually my hard stop when I find myself going overboard.

(2) Traveling is a given in your field, how do you ensure that some order and consistency in your life remains?

Order and consistency is all in how you perceive what you are doing and how you maintain your connection to what is important. My personal brand, and who I am , is all about being responsive and creating trust and relationships. So I find the social media world, and all the connectivity it affords, a perfect medium for maintaining connection and consistency.

3) What kinds of social media tools do you use to stay in touch with your kids? Facebook, Twitter, 4Square etc.?

When it comes to my daughters social media tools are out of the mix. I can check Facebook to see what they may be up to, the only tool  they use (fortunately as I do not believe these are good things for kids), but the last thing teenagers (13 & 15) want is their Dad communicating with them in a visible format. I stick to primarily text and phone calls. They rarely check email, but before I fly I always, always send them an email to remind them how much they mean to me and how much I truly love them… just in case, so they will always know

(4) What is your dream social media app to stay in touch with kids and influence them?

I think looking to social media, apps or otherwise, is a critical mistake too many parents are making with their children. It is face-to-face and truly paying attention and being involved in what they do that is so very important in their development.

(5) How have your kids been influenced by your work?

I have been fortunate enough to build deep, rewarding relationships with a host of Mommy Bloggers and since I share being a divorced Dad of teenage girls I have gotten so much valuable advice, feedback and input that doing what I do has made me a better, more sensitive and insightful Dad.

(6) If you had just one hour to do anything with your kids, what would it be?

At this point.. anything I would be doing “with” them. When they were young and I really had a choice I would say swimming with them because it was so interactive.

(7) How has being a dad changed your perception to your work?

That’s like saying “How has being a dad changed your perception about everything.” It makes it all about what you can do for your kids and how you can make their lives better. Simple.

(8) If there was one legacy/trait/habit that you would love to leave to your kids, what would it be?

It’s all about relationships… and never give up on something you believe in, never.

(9) How has your dad impacted your life?

My dad taught me about never giving up and always being there for your friends and family… that says it all.

(10) What is your dream Father’s Day?

Skiing with my girls and them truly wanting to be there with me

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