In today’s show, we shall be deep-diving into Ted’s career from working in sales to jumping on the internet back in 1997 to pitching to Seth Godin in the early days saying I can sell anything! Ted’s journey and what he had learned along the way to becoming who he is today.

“Discover how you can use simple business strategies that could enable you to build a stable future”

“Sometimes you have to take a step back until you find your passion”

“We were doing content marketing before it became a buzz word”

“A reputation is what you care about, do for people – Help customers connect with consumers”

“My creative zone is here and the beach, I come up with my ideas and test them on twitter that’s my note pad, if they don’t work I get feeb back good bad or indifferent but if they do work Ill push them out and create the ideas from there until they become a great bit of content.”

“Relationships are like muscle tissue; the more they are engaged, the stronger and more valuable they become.”

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