What is the most important money habit you learned as a child? 

The most important money lesson I learned as a child was to save. I can remembering opening my first bank account with four quarters, an my Mom and Dad being sure to encourage me to add to it every week. AND… being made to understand the majority of that money was not for spending later, but for accumulating so you always had somewhere to go when there was a real need.

If you could only teach a child one money habit, WHAT would money habit would you teach them?

The most important habit I can teach a child and did my best to impress upon my daughters, from my Dad, was to be very aware of what I have and what I spend. Make sure to not commit to more than you have, and always keep track of what you are spending… it should not be a surprise at the end of every month. When I was growing up, and for the better part of my career this meant keep weekly records for yourself. Now it is available to you every minute online, so there is not excuse.

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