I met Gregg Weiss, better known to some as ScrambledGreggs, via social a few years back and have come to not only respect his intelligence, but especially his quest for knowledge, his sincerity and authenticity… and most of all his sense of humor. It is all about relationships for me, and I consider myself truly fortunate to call him friend.

Gregg likes to play with words, combining for effect, and then sharing his linguistic logistics with the rest of us. I have come to look forward to each and every one and thought it time I share some of the best of them with you…

Absoyesly — that’s when something is such an obvious answer — instead of writing “absolutely, yes!”, write this!

2wo — a clever way to mention a number. I like 7even and 5ive as well!

Twalking — talking & walking.

Twawkward — when someone says something awkward.

Winnovation — this is for when you have such a great idea that you think it will really set you apart.

2 Greggs over medium with corned beef #hashtag and whole tweet toast — not sure what to say about this one.

Phome — this is for when you want someone to call your home phone, aka landline.

Awkword — when someone uses an awkward word that deserves to be called out.

Sunshwine — used for when you’re enjoying a glass of wine on a sunny day.

Selfone — when someone is so head’s down on their cell phone, that you almost feel like you’re alone and not with them. My business partner, John Andrews (@Katadhin) calls this iPhone face.

Dial-included — rather than writing “dial-in included” in a meeting invite, just write this.

Preminder — gently reminding someone in advance of an official reminder.

RYesVP — instead of RSVPing “yes”, just RYesVP!

Ampliwhy — when someone or a brand overly blurts out content.

And last but certainly not least…

Weissless — Well, that’s just Gregg being Priceless. But we do need more Weiss, not less!     *In the nature of disclosure for this one, which is one of my faves… Gregg is VP/Business Leader Social Media Marketing at MasterCard. #priceless

I have created a List.ly for this, so I will continue to add, as will Gregg (hopefully), and you can all feel free to do so as well. Let’s have some fun 🙂

P.S. When I asked Gregg to remind me about a few I may have forgotten, the following, true to his humble nature, was his comment… “Honored that you’d even think about writing a blog post about this modern linguistic phenomenon!”

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