Cigars, for me, are all about the relaxation that comes with the Ritual, Bonding, and Camaraderie. For many reasons I do my best to make it few and far between, but the main reason I will turn down the occasional cigar when offered is the way they make me feel after the ritual is over… the “Cigar Hangover.” The cigar smoke taste is very hard to get rid of, lingers for hours, and often ruins my sleep. If I do smoke a cigar, I try to make it an afternoon event, which sometimes will help with the sleep problem… the time, and a full dinner afterward, seems to help sometimes, but not always, and it definitely doesn’t resolve the aftertaste problem.

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My business partner John Andrews, who likes when I join him for a cigar, is well aware of how I feel, and knows I will most often turn down his offer of a cigar… and I hate saying no to Johnny Andrews 🤷🏻‍♂️

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John and I have been working with a number of DTC brands lately, and he recently discovered a new product called CIGARGLE… a mouthwash created to solve the problem of the cigar hangover. A GREAT name right? Needless to say he was incredibly excited to work on the brand, and show it to me.


I have tried it once, while celebrating my 65th birthday with John in New Orleans (cigars were a must on that trip), and it passed my test with flying colors. I will report in with more commentary when I try it next. I know cigars are not the best thing for my overall health, but I like them once in a while and am happy to say I now think enjoying them periodically will be an option thanks to CIGARGLE.

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