Was with my 15 year old taking her to field hockey practice this morning (love chatting with her on the way to things like this so volunteer whenever I can to pick her up) and stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way (our Dad/Daughter thing). I mentioned taking her and a friend to the beach on Monday after I take her to Philly Friday, and pick her up again Sunday (like I said, any chance to be alone with her). Now all this is a prelude to what is to come. She asks which beach, and I say it is her choice. She says… can we go to the beach near Marvel Ice Cream? This struck me deep inside because that is where I always took her and her sister, when they were much younger, after the beach and on the way back to their Moms. She had a big smile and said she always remembers how great the ice cream was and the huge portions.


They DO remember the “Moments”… and everything I have been doing for years to insure that legacy has made an impression. That is what that simple exchange meant to me. You have no idea :’-)


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