Social is moving to a prove it or lose it stage… so start thinking how “Content is the Ad.” The importance of content in your SEO and middle funnel strategy will be critical.
Social media platforms are essentially huge AI systems designed to keep users “tuned in” by showing them things they want to see and using data to improve the success of that goal each time a user engages. But AI isn’t really that smart yet. Most AI is big data pattern recognition that gets better at predicting what they will do as more people use the systems. It’s not actually ‘thinking’.
As the Trump media machine proved, real thinking beings can manipulate these systems with relative ease using anchor content such as a blog post, or video, bot based syndication (half of Trump’s Twitter followers are fakes), and then the power of real people sharing and training the algorithms to “think.”
Add in some well-placed adds on automatic networks like Facebook and bam, media that motivates. Brand marketers can easily do this in a less nefarious way and tune the process to eliminate endless digital spam and create awesome content that the AI algorithms connect with people along the path to purchase that might actually care.
All of this is so important because shopping behavior is changing from a world where consumers go to stores to get products (walking around and finding what they need), to one where products come to consumers.
Stores aren’t going away tomorrow, but the fundamental role of a retailer is going to change over time from a physical location to a service that fits the product needs of a consumer whenever and wherever she chooses, including product discovery.
What’s more, much of a future consumer’s product needs will be anticipated and automated, moving toward a friction-free experience. The challenge for retailers and brands alike will be remaining relevant in a consumer’s mind. The combination of the decline of the store shelf coupled with the end of push advertising effectiveness will eliminate some brands and retailers while others will thrive like never before.

1. The need for quality, organic content is greater than ever – think how many channels a brand has and how often they SHOULD be engaging (multiple times daily)

2. Content from real people UGC is invaluable. All studies show that it is more engaging than content from brands. Along the Prevailing path of digital, real user content is among the most powerful for engagement and conversion. (Something we saw at Prevailing Path)

3. Everyone influences someone – Personal Influence. It’s hard to scale commercially. So John Andrews and I, looking for a solution to couple with the Path to Purchase content work we have been doing at Prevailing Path, found and started working with, Photofy, John has been an Advisory Board member for 2 years. Now in 2018 John is assuming the role of CEO and I will be CMO and join the Advisory Board.

4. Photofy is a simple content creation tool that enables anyone to be creative with a photo… Point, Shoot, Create, Publish.

5. Photofy’s content creator community is making 100k+ pieces of content daily in categories ranging from Kids and pets, to coffee and food to Fitness and beauty.

6. Brands such as Arbonne, Lifetime Fitness, and Jamberry are using Photofy to empower their associates to create relevant, on-brand content.

7. Photofy Pro is a consumer product that also enables small and medium business to unlock branded content creation… and will enable big brands to use the power of large scale UGC generation.

8. By measuring the Prevailing Digital Path to Purchase, identified and quantified, by Prevailing Path , Photofy can now create content at scale for brands and retailers leveraging the growing Photofy community… currently at 500,000+.

9. We will begin leveraging Photofy as a Shopper Marketing tool soon by attaching content directly along the path-to-purchase.

Retail relevancy is becoming all about simplicity. Frictionless buying is the future of retail… and brand relevant content is where it all begins. 
Simplicity is the new EDLP. Make it easy and… she will buy from you again, and again, and again.

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