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When I posted last night we had raised: $56.00  Now, 12pm the next day we are at $531.00. Let’s keep it going 🙂
Goal: $5,000.00

Created by Jaime Dubey on December 9, 2013
Chris was a fellow Blogger, as a blogger we think of each other as family!! We celebrate with each other we cry for each other when needed and this week the Blogger world was Rocked with the News that one of our Sister Bloggers life was taken tragically along with her oldest son’s life! Their lives were taken by her estranged husband and then he took his own life. She had tried her hardest to protect her family and herself with restraining orders, like many of us do and the justice system just sometimes isn’t fair. Thursday he took his threat to the next level and actually went through with his threat!!

Chris was a loving mother to 3 other children who Thank God were spending time with their grandparents! Now there are 3 little lives that will be changed forever. They will always know that their Daddy took Mommy and their big Brother from them and they will never be coming back!!

Chris’s parents have the children right now and they need our help! Us Bloggers are going to step up and do what we can to show the family that we were really a second family!! They need to raise funds to put an addition on the house the the kids have bedrooms, they need their van fixed…..they just need help period. These grandparents have gone from just that to parents of these 3 lovely babies!!!
We are also adopting the children for Christmas and getting them stockings, some gifts and toiletries. We have lots of clothing that needs to be shipped to the family as well.

Le’t show the family that we Loved Chris like a sister and that Bloggers and everyone else is against Domestic Violence…… We may not be able to bring Chris and Issac back but we can help them cope with the new burdens that have been added to their lives right in the middle of this Holiday season that is suppose to be Joyous!!

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We have gotten our first donation!!…

We have gotten our first donation!! Let’s see how many we can get within 24 hours!! We can do it!!

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Here are pictures of some items…

Here are pictures of some items us bloggers have already gotten together to send to the kids and grandparents. These are also the 3 lovely babies who’s lives were changed overnight! Let’s help them out

Some items we already obtained

Stocking Goodies with no food color

Let’s help these babies out!


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