In addition to social training, grooming social advocates within your company also requires that they have access to content. Naturally, you’ll be publishing content that’s brand related for them to share. However, don’t make it a one-way street.

Also publish (or curate) content that helps your employees build their own personal brand, such as travel, entertainment, parenting, education—the kinds of things their peers, and friends, find valuable. If an employee wants to build their personal blog/social presence around fashion, sports, or entertainment, support them! This is what I mean when I talk about empowerment. The same skills that your employees need to build their personal presence translate to advocating for your business because social is still social either way.

By providing your employees with real, valuable training on how to build their own social presence, as well as yours, you generate the goodwill required for true advocacy. An employee with well-developed social skills will be better able to promote your brand and theirs without any conflict of interest.

Enabling and supporting those in your organization who want to create a presence, build relationships, and grow their influence is the key. If it isn’t mutually beneficial for the individual AND the brand, it isn’t really employee advocacy. Seriously consider working with an Communications and Employee Advocacy platform like Dynamic Signal to make this practical and scaleable. Truly empower your employees, and you’ll get committed advocates who are well-equipped to represent the very best of your business.

Empower your employees… and they will Power your Brand.

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