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Word of Mom Radio, THE radio show for Mompreneurs and Business Women, has been sharing the wisdom of women on BlogTalkRadio for more than seven years. Mompreneurs, women-owned and home-base businesses are breaking those myths that we are “dabbling” in business. We are empowering each other as we find the balance between building a business, raising a family and creating the life we desire. Our network is expanding into TV as Word of Mom TV – so our media network continues to grow!

Host Dori DeCarlo brings these NEW Business Women to the forefront, giving voice to their amazing stories as we take the world by storm, and pave the way for those who follow our lead. Dori opens this show explaining why she wanted to feature Ted on Word of Mom Radio.  

We want to share you! Please connect with us at [email protected] or to schedule a call with us, please use this link: https://calendly.com/doridecarlo/chat. We look forward to sharing you and your story on #WordofMomRadio.

#WordofMomRadio ~ Sharing the wisdom of women in business and in life.

Originally posted at blogtalkradio.com

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