Quality customer service requires a strong plan and a system built to resolve issues efficiently. It’s about looking at challenges constructively and teaching customer service reps (as well as other customer-facing persons in the organization) to do the same, creating a true customer service mindset across the organization. Success requires empowering employees to use all the tools available to them and to be able to Look Customers in the Eye Digitally... to “know” them via the data within the organization and all available via search and social, to make correct decisions and cutting out the red tape that leads to damaged relationships.

Customers want to be treated with respect, know that their issues are being taken seriously, and see results within a reasonable time-frame. Most importantly they want you to know who they are, and to feel that you are listening to them. Being nice is a great first step, but it doesn’t cover up for a lack of information, empowerment, and results. In customer service, combining efficient results with common courtesy is essential for developing good relationships, but the real magic comes when you can find ways to consistently deliver value at every step along the customer’s journey—not just customer service.


Now you are saying, DUH… this is common business sense. Well as the adage goes… common sense, especially in the customer experience world, is not very common. So few companies make all this a priority, that the rare ones who do, stand out. Most only measure what it costs them to deliver instead of making an effort to measure the Return on Relationship value it adds to their brand extending the lifetime value of the customer, adding to the average order value and frequency of purchase.

Empower your Employees… and they will Power your Brand!

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