1.  If Relationship Commerce were a University Degree, what would it’s program description look like?

The way I see it, we’re overdue for a revolution in retail.  So many of us have been sharing our passions and discoveries, it’s about time we acquired tools that empower us to share in the economic benefits.  Relationship Commerce is simple yet novel, it’s commerce that emanates from people you know and trust. 

–          Understanding the social graph and the power we each have to leverage its power.

–          Why big brands will become more and more reliant on the individual’s ability to spread their message.

–          Life is not just about financial exchange, and neither is commerce. Relationships matter!

–          ROR: Return on Relationship… what the future holds for shopping, for commerce and the economic wellbeing of each and every one of us. 

–          Relationship Commerce, sharing what you love with others and facilitating their ability to buy it.

2.  What do you think is the number one rule that bloggers need to know about connecting with…

other bloggers? – Be genuine. Put yourself in the position to disappoint… then don’t.  The more responsive you are the more responsive they will be.

companies? – Be visible. If u want to have influence become a trusted source. Be consistent and professional… say what you mean and mean what you say. Make your contact info easily attainable and informative.

business partners (like OpenSky)? – Be upfront about your goals and how important achieving them are to you. Listen and understand what it takes to succeed with the partner form their viewpoint.

3.  Explain your take on companies and marketing through brand ambassadors. – I believe brand ambassadors should be people who were advocates of the brand before being asked to be ambassadors.

4.  What do you think bloggers need to know about being brand ambassadors? – If you want that opportunity be certain to stand out as a fan/advocate by posting your support in various venues.

5.  Can an online only business relationship be as effective as a face to face one?  How? – An online only relationship can be more effective than a f2f one. Online via the platforms that exist today allow the brand/business to touch you back whenever you reach out and do so in a public forum that allows that relationship to spread to others and for many to view the interaction. Online allows a brand to address/fix issues on the fly, add value, and do this for a large group and not simply one-to-one. It also allows the sharing of those experiences.

6.  How should bloggers or online personalities network in person? – The same way they network online… be upfront, say hello, voice your opinions, and most important… follow-up after meeting and add that person to your online contacts.

7.  What is a great Twitter behavior that is often over looked as being important? – Thanking people for RT’ing you and for giving you a mention/shout out. Recognition.

8.  What is a valuable Twitter tip? – Engage: ask questions, propose ideas—> Give your followers ability and reason to answer.

9.  Name a Twitter sin. – Most misunderstand Twitter… not a broadcast tool, not stand alone for marketing, but an extremely valuable networking, experimenting, seeding tool. Also always remember we all have lurkers, those watching and following our conversations, so even though they do not make themselves known they are there. Be aware.

10.  What is something important you would like to say about OpenSky that you feel not enough of us know yet? – Becoming successful with OpenSky is no different than building any business, just like a successful blog. It takes work, experimentation, creativity, and commitment. Too many expect to simply post a shop tab on their site, or make a post or two, and the money will start rolling in. When it doesn’t they give up way too quickly. To make sales utilizing the Opensky platform you need to make multiple posts, educate your audience again and again, and figure out the winning formula for your blog. The process will probably take months to see results that make a difference, but once you figure it out you build a lasting business that creates a deeper bond with your brand.

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