Today’s guest on Bobblehead Dad Radio is Ted Rubin, father extraordinaire and co-author of Return on Relationship – along with Kathryn Rose – a study in the changing world of social media marketing. You’ll enjoy Ted’s insights. And you’ll be amazed at the similarities between social media marketing – and PARENTING! Enjoy.

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Social Media has forever changed the way brands connect with you. In the past (Think Mad Men) brands simply pushed a message out to you in a one-way relationship. Today, largely because of social media, brands have tools to communicate and engage with you 24/7. Today’s guest, Chief Social Marketing Officer of Collective BiasTed Rubin, suggests that this phenomenon is requiring brands to place value on and measure what he refers to as “Return on Relationship” in addition to the traditional metic, return on investment.

He believes this so passionately, he’s written a book on the subject – appropriately titled Return on Relationship.
You’re going to enjoy this show – and you might be surprised by how much success in social media marketing mirrors great parenting skills. Whether or not you use social media for business, personal – or a bit of both – you’ll walk away from my chat with Ted with some great, usable insight including:
  • What relationship marketing is all about
  • Why brands need to value loyalty
  • Why brands need to “court their customers”
  • The importance of listening (sounds like parenting, doesn’t it?)
  • How brands need to learn to communicate without being invasive (yep – this is Parenting 101!)
  • The big positive pop brands can get based on how they deal with criticism
It’s a fun show. Grab a cup of coffee and join in!


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