So can you maintain meaningful relationships with thousands of people at a time? No, but every touch is important, no matter how small. Think of it this way… individual touches are like relationship seeds. You have a much better likelihood of reaping a good harvest when you sow widely, but only if you prepare the ground with value and nurture with authenticity.

In a fast paced, digital world, defining and maintaining our relationships has become unexpectedly difficult. Social Media has enabled us to connect with an infinite number of individuals; it has given us the tools to extend relationships that years ago would have been impossible. Yet make no mistake: “Social Media is a facilitator of relationships, but it is not the relationship itself.” You have to give to get; it’s so simple in concept yet not always easy to wrap your arms around when online since it is not as simple as a favor, a hug or a handshake.

I believe everything we do in our personal lives and business revolves around relationships… now more than ever. With effort, an online relationship may begin from the request of a Facebook friend or following someone on Twitter; but make no mistake – that initial request or follow will never create the relationship. Trust is built upon interaction and engagement… when you’re true to your word, authentic, and genuine.

I use Twitter as a tool to not only let people know what I am thinking, and to engage them about ideas… but much more importantly for me, I use Twitter to meet new people, get to know them, and build a relationship that I very often extend into the face-to-face world. I do this by attending a lot of conferences, but also reach out daily letting people know I am open to meet anytime and anywhere we can make it happen. That can be around my home base New York, and wherever I travel. So… reach out to me, connect, and let’s make sure when we are in the same city to find a way to meet. I make this happen whenever and wherever I travel… and it is social platforms like Twitter that make it possible. Ask @ngishere, @eYeks and @Twylah… we finally met face-to-face in Mountain View and San Francisco, CA this past week after connecting and interacting via Twitter for the past year or so. 🙂

ROR, Return on Relationship™ (hashtag #RonR)… simply put the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship.

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