Come on folks… when you reach out and ask for someone’s time, pay attention for the reply. #Respect

Can’t tell you how many times people reach out, I reply that I have time that day or the next (trying to do my part to help others and #BeGoodToPeople), and I hear back a week later. Or… never hear back. And please do not tell me how hard it is for you to fit it in because you are SO busy. AND… when if we do connect and settle on a day/time, it’s your job to send me a calendar invite with all the details so it hits my calendar. You are asking for my time, not the other way around… when you are coming to me, it’s your job to make it as easy and convenient for me as possible.

And saying you messaged the request from a platform or email you don’t check regularly is NOT a valid excuse, EVER.

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