Serendipitously go into your following, reach out to people – just like what you might have done in the old days when you had a telephone book.” – Ted Rubin, on taking advantage of social networking sites. 

A salesman turned marketer, Ted Rubin (who loves colorful socks), understands that good salesmen know how to listen and how to solve problems, which is great quality for a marketer, or anyone, to have. It doesn’t matter how many relationships you have, if you don’t nurture them, you won’t have a law practice to go home to. @TedRubin [email protected]

The internet is created to allow us to make content and connections online 24/7. Why not use that to your advantage? Stop “making” friends, and start making friends. When people choose you to follow on social media, you should make them feel appreciated.

As of advice to give to people, Ted Rubin reveals the best well-kept secret, which was written in 1936, is “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Times may have changed; technologies may have advanced; however, the fundamental techniques in connecting with people have always been the same!

A brand is what you do; a reputation is what people remember and share.” – Ted Rubin

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • 01’38” Learn about Ted Rubin
  • 04”57” What does it mean to be “friends” online?
  • 11’04” How to make people feel good
  • 12’30” Social media ROI
  • 19’40” How to build a brand on social – Start with Instagram
  • 25’28” Conversation is the content
  • 30’56” Emphasis on how important relationships are

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