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Ted and I discuss why executives are fearful of social media. Ted explains that it’s as simple as c-level executives not understanding social. And this stems from the perception that executives do not use social media channels.

The exceptions are companies like Best Buy and Kodak where the CMOs were involved with social media, and Express where CMO Lisa Gavales is currently doing a great job. I for one appreciate the level of engagement from Best Buy’s ex CMO BarryJudge.

But I don’t think that there is one CMO or CSMO that is as engaged in social media as Ted Rubin. Case in point, before emailing Ted I will Tweet him. Why — because Ted’ s response time on Twitter is very quick.

We also touch on other factors of why executives are fearful of social media:

1. the lack of ROI
2. legal concerns
3. the lack of strategy on how social media and its tools are to be used

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