On Episode 013 of The Human Business Narrative podcast I got a chance to sit down with none other than Mr. Ted Rubin. The guy behind the infamous #RonR social media hashtag, Be Good To People trend, and former Seth Godin employee.  ~Ivan Temelkov


These are some of the major takeaways that you should take note of from this episode:

  • A Network gives you Reach but Community gives you Power.
  • Most B2B commerce is commodotized.
  • R On R is the value perceived through a new relationship and accrued perception over time. It’s about people.
  • All business is human-centric but many brands are forgetting this. Brands need to treat consumers/customers as humans rather than numbers and sales.
  • So many marketers and businesses are looking at things from a marketing lens. Stop doing that and focus on the human element, recognition of people, and a consumer lense.
  • Relationships are like muscle tissue, the more they are engaged the stronger and more valuable they become.

Originally posted at The Human Business Narrative

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