Infographics are a great way to convey information and data visually to a broad audience and make your content easily shareable. As part of an overall branding, marketing and, syndication strategy, infographics are a great tool. The infographic helps to simplify your message through visuals, making it easier to understand, and empowers others to share and interact with the content very often much more so than the blog post itself.

Well-made infographics take quite a bit of work, insight, and creative talent, all of which needs to be done in a professional manner. It takes a lot of tools, resources, and usually a team of individuals working together and interacting with the content creator to get it done right.

In March a company dealing in Infographics and other graphic services, InfoGraphic Design Team, reached out to me and offered their service. I have since published the first of a series of Infographics they agreed to create for me and will hopefully be publishing the second very soon. The first was very well received and I was incredibly happy with the end product, as well as the entire creative process.

Here is the post: How to Look People in the Eye Digitally… and below in the infographic. 

In short, sometimes the best companies are hidden gems. I am incredibly happy that the InfoGraphic Design Team found me and give me the opportunity to expereince their work. I’ve since done some research and have discovered they are a team of over 100 creative designers and data analysts, serving a vast range of clientele across the globe.

InfoGraphic Design Team is a highly professional, creative, and exceptional team. I am happy to share the links to their website. Their work, team, creative process and customer service are totally in line with the while Return on Relationship concept. I am excited to have one more solution to use myself, and recommend to others. #RonR


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