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In this episode of Switch and Shift TV, I speak with Ted Rubin, a member of our League of Extraordinary Thinkers, author of Return On Relationship,and one of the most influential voices in social media today.

Strap yourself in for a rollicking good time as “Other Ted” and I discuss his book, his career, his vision for a truly social future on social media, and so much more! Oh, and if you’re pressed for time, jump ahead to about minute 27 to hear Ted talk about Return On Employees – Just that small bit of our talk can transform your entire business from ho-hum to massively engaged, dynamic, and profitable… if you heed the advice from this Extraordinary Thinker.

Here are just a few of the topics we dive into:

– Ted’s exit from Collective Bias and his possible next steps

– Why he says that “Content is the ad today”

– On being a brand evangelist: “I would never be that for a company I don’t believe in…. A brand is what a business does. A reputation is what people    remember.”

– “I’m not looking for tit for tat. I’m looking to help. People help you because they see what you do for so many for others.”

– “Relationships are the new currency. Honor them and invest in them. You can scale these relationships, 24/7. It’s what I call looking people in the eye  digitally.”

– “Let me make something clear. I’m not a guru or an expert. I’m just a guy with opinions who’s not afraid to (1) voice them, and test them out for myself and  for the brands I’m working with.”

– “People think social media is digital because it takes place in a digital format. It’s not digital, it’s social!”

And yes, all that is from just the first six minutes of this value-packed show! As Ted himself points out, “Anybody who knows me, who’s ever heard me speak, knows my head is like a twitter feed.” – Wow, no truer words, my friends.

To buy Ted Rubin’s book, Return On Relationship, click HERE

Disclaimer: I was suffering from a mild case of leprosy the day we filmed. Please judge me for the content of my character and not for, um, whatever was up with my looks that day.

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Ted Coiné (128 Posts)Author | Speaker | Consultant Ted Coiné is one of the most influential business leaders on Twitter, with a following of over two hundred thousand and growing rapidly. He has been ranked by both Huffington Post and Forbes for his business leadership and social media influence. An inspirational speaker, Ted is author of Five-Star Customer Service and Spoil ’Em Rotten! Prior to writing his first book, Ted was founder and CEO of Coiné Language School, a B2B company he brought from his living room to a $10 million valuation in four years by focusing relentlessly on customer service. He is currently writing his third book, about how social media is transforming leadership and business in this exciting new century. Ted and his family live in Naples, Florida, where he is active in the tech startup scene.

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