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Relationships are like muscle tissue… the more they are engaged, the stronger they become.

The ability to build relationships, & flex that emotional connection muscle, is what makes Social so valuable.

Social is great, but socializing is even better!

Stop worrying about what’s next and concentrate on what is now!

Make this part of your brand DNA… Tell Your Story In a Way People Will Care.”

In a world of “take”, we must not underestimate the power of “give” – particularly in business.

Guess Less, Ask More… and always start with “How can I serve you?

“There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally.” Brands need to take this to heart!

Here’s your new 4-word mktg strategy for 2012: Guess Less, Ask More… and always start with “How can I serve you?”

Make investing in your brand part of your DNA… forsake the agency model.

Measurements: Number of followers, Brand sentiment, Share of voice, Customer Service costs,

Awareness=Revenues, Differentiators=Margins, Authenticity=Loyalty… All Measurable AND = Increased Sales/Profits.

Social Media drives engagement, engagement drives loyalty, loyalty correlates directly 2 increased sales. Return on Relationship™ = ROI.

The Feeling of Unity… a powerful driving force that if properly harnessed can have amazing results.


How to build relationships online:

About looking people in the eye digitally

LESS fabrication, MORE facilitation


Let’s take the word “Friend” back and give it value again.

Don’t just Listen, but Hear.

Authenticity will set your brand apart

A “Brand” is what a business/person does, and a “Reputation” is what people remember.

Think REPUTATION, not ranking… CONNECTION, not network… LOYALTY, not celebrity.


Social media is quickly becoming a way of life… and a way of business as more & more companies realize the value.

Basic mktg funnel stages are about relationships… Awareness, Consideration, Conversion/Sale, Loyalty, and Advocacy.

Relationshps focus on getting to know your consumer and giving them reasons to stay engaged… not just getting them to react.

Turning negative into positive should be taught at every level of business, especially marketing. Adversity creates opportunity.

Brands… consumers are seeking meaning and connection. Is your brand interacting in ways that matter to them?

Brands break through the clutter. Standout by “Liking” them before they “Like” you.

Makes for a great Twitter presence: Be authentic, be genuine, be interesting. Become known to be responsive & interested.

To be successful on social channels you need to be engaged and offer value!

“Dear optimist/pessimist/realist… while u guys were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it. Sincerely, The Opportunist.”

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seuss


On a final note I think this is going to be very relevant to what is happening in the realm of social media/marketing:

Social networking triggers the release of the generosity-trust chemical into our brains’. Oxcytocin

– Here it the study… Brain science of relationships and connecting:

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