Stand out by “Liking” them before they “Like” you


Want better Return on Relationship™? Don’t wait for customers/prospects to “Like” you… start “Liking” them! Inspire them to like you…

There’s no lazy way out of this, folks. If you want the eyes and ears of consumers focused on you, then develop a “giver’s gain” philosophy. Developing fruitful relationships in social channels, or anywhere else for that matter, requires the willingness to give before you receive and continue giving throughout.

– Get to know your customers/prospects by actively listening to their needs in social channels.

– Reach out to others without waiting for them to “Like” you first.

– Contribute to conversations where you can provide value (not a sales pitch).

– Always be thinking of ways to help others solve problems.

– Introduce people when appropriate without expectation of anything in return.

– Be genuine in your responses and outreach.

– Don’t expect reciprocation, but always strive to give it when someone reaches out to you.

Those who take themselves out of the equation and focus on the needs of others can expect to get a better Return on Relationship™.

Brands need to attract customers, but breaking through the clutter is challenging. Stand out by “Liking” them before they “Like” you.

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