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Every day brands and marketers are spending millions trying to get you to use, keep using, and share that you love their brands. But why aren’t they doing everything they can, and using some of those millions to do it (probably way less that they are spending on those marketing campaigns), making experiences with their brand remarkable. Opportunities to do this are given to brands each and every day and they simply, turn their heads, rave about their latest and great “campaign’ as if it were a military conquest, and pass up ways to really create customers for life.

In my opinion, the best example of these missed opportunities are Hotels. People leave things in their rooms all the time. The hotels know everything there is to know about most of us, especially those of us who travel frequently and are their potential best customers. Also we are business people who have influence upon where others stay when they travel either as influencers with our companies as executives, or since we come in to contact with so many and can so easily share great experiences, not only via our now easy to access social networks, but face-to-face each and every day.

Why do they rarely, if ever, reach out and tell us we left something, and then even better, send it to us free of charge. Hotels wait for you to call, then leave you on hold forever while they look, then most often they tell you they have it and you can come get it next time you are in town. If you are lucky they will take your FedEx number and ship to you.

There are opportunities like this for most major brands to be “remarkable” every day, and create the Return on Relationship that enhances ROI.

Every company has opportunities daily to stand out and be noticed. Brands need to attract customers, but breaking through the clutter is challenging. Standout by “Liking” them before they “Like” you.

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