I believe that Instagram is incredibly valuable as a relationship builder and as an indexer of social content. In addition… Instagram is hardly a Pinterest killer, but more of another form of incredibly valuable social engagement. Pinterest targets a much stronger across the board demographic right now (of women of course, but women “ARE” what social media is all about), and people go to Pinterest for inspiration and the click-thru’s to e-commerce, especially for food, fashion and beauty related products are proof of the value. Instagram on the other hand is more about sharing, being social, and including other in your lives/activities. Is is more a Facebook experience, and why it was such a perfect fit, than a commerce related experience. Specifically why Google should pay whatever it takes to buy Pinterest asap…. totally relatable to their business model of driving commerce.
Use Instagram to share images which allow people the ability to add their own interpretation to what you post. The connection, syndication and relationship building of this tool is invaluable… and fun! Keep in mind that hashtags on Instagram play a very important role in gaining visibility! Make sure you use them.
Excited to see the evolution of Instagram with the Profile Page launch and definitely believe the proliferation of brand driven profiles are only weeks, if not days, away.


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