Ted Rubin On Empowering Your Employees


Ted Rubin is an author, social marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and acting CMO of Brand Innovators. Ted is one of the most social CMO’s out there, and as anyone know knows him will tell you, it’s all about relationships! #RonR

Ted is passionate about empowering employees. He often talks about how companies can benefit from helping their employees by recognizing the fact that social connection is an integral part of all of our lives now. He talks about how in today’s social world, every person has an extended circle of personal influence and an opportunity to build their own personal “brand.” By helping employees build that brand rather than squelching individuality, employers build an army of very powerful advocates. Most people, when given the opportunity, will advocate for their brands, when they feel good about where they work.

Some companies still fear the “socialization” of the workplace, but locking your employees out of all personal social channels while at work is a big mistake. It only forces your employees to break your rules. Banning employees from using social in the workplace only forces them to use it on a different screen — when they could be more productive, aware of daily social trends, and advocating for your brand rather than griping about you on their personal platforms.It’s become clear that employees are a company’s secret weapon. They are an untapped resource for building its brand, improving employee engagement, increasing revenue, enhancing its culture and lifting its ability to snap up talent.

In short, Employee Advocacy is no longer an experiment. Why? Because it’s not the message that’s most critical; it’s the messenger.

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