The customer experience matters. Don’t think so? Just ask Ted Rubin. All he wants to do is buy a pair of jeans, but one store’s online experience and not-so-customer-friendly policies keep preventing him from closing the deal.

For this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I sat down with Ted – renowned social marketing strategist, co-founder of Prevailing Path, MC/Host of Brand Innovators Summits, and CMO at Photofy – for a wide-ranging discussion about the state of retail in 2018. Where are we headed? How does social fit in? What can retailers can do to show consumers that they know them?

In addition, we talk about:
** The next big thing in retail for 2018.
** A real-life experience that’s causing one company to lose customers.
** The new EDLP (everyday low price).
** Why product recommendations make powerful tools.
** The vulnerability of Amazon.
** What makes someone buy from you again, and again, and again.
** How important engagement has truly become for brands.
** Where conversational commerce is heading in 2018.

For more information on Prevailing Path or Photofy, contact Ted or visit them online:
[email protected] | @TebRubin | @PrevailingPath | @PhotofyApp

We welcome your feedback and invite you to share any topics you’d like to hear more about. [email protected] | @WhatsGregDoing

About this Podcast:
Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst Greg Zakowicz speaks with professionals across the retail industry about e-commerce trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. And in true Bronto fashion, they’ll have a little fun as well. Check back at for the latest episodes.


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