Published on Feb 11, 2013

Ted Rubin, leading social media strategists, gets real about is return on relationship with his daughter and shares the importance of showing children love on Valentine’s Day. Video includes tips and ideas for tween and teen dads. 

Today, while it is much more accepted and expected that men express their love to children, they don’t always do. For many cultures, men are still not expected to cry or express themselves in a loving way. But they need to.

Father’s showing their tweens love is important for their self-esteem now and for the rest of their lives. They live in a tough world. There’s bullying, growing peer pressure, social challenges, school stress and more. Love is a small solution that can help children get through it.  Dale, dirle que los quieres – cuentale algo lindo.  Tell them you love them and tell them something sweet that makes them feel loved.

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