I have learned a lot the past few days with the passing of my Dad, and I will not bore you with it all right now, but would like to share what I think is the most important lesson.

I most certainly have been telling my Dad for the longest time how much I loved him, and how much he meant to me, and thought I had it covered. What I have come to realize, and am going to make certain to change with my Mom and my brothers (already started today) is… don’t wait to reminisce and share stories about an aging loved one until the funeral. Start sharing “moments” and memories with “them” now. Truly wish I had shared mine with my Dad before he was gone.

Photos from my Dad’s walls (the #’s are the year, the one not dated is my brother Jeff’s Bar Mitzvah 1968)

Mom & Dads Wall 1961Mom & Dads Wall 1963Mom & Dads Wall 1964Mom & Dads Wall 1968 Jeff's BarMitzvahMom & Dads Wall 1972Mom & Dads Wall 1977 Me, David, our grandfather (Poppy), and Jeff


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