Brian’s takeaway from this interview echoes Ted’s hashtag, #NoLetUp!

Ted Rubin is a leading social media marketing strategist, keynote speaker and brand evangelist, as well as being an author. Most importantly, he’s a vulnerable, transparent and authentic father who says he considers himself a dad first.

Ted is a social media influencer and passionate father of two adult daughters. Daughters who were alienated from him as part of the most bitter divorce battle you can imagine.

Ted offers a very enlightened perspective on how to stay connected with children who have been taught NOT to like you. He offers amazing advice on being a dad and living your life.

#ThisDadWontQuit… #NoLetUp!

Ted says that challenges are a “strange thing”, but have made him a better dad in the process and reminded him to always be available to his kids.

“It’s not something that we strive for, but it’s something that very often just makes us a better person”

He had major struggles in his marriage, resulting from his ex-wife’s borderline personality disorder. This led to issues at their children’s school, and eventually, a heated custody battle (Ted’s ex was the first woman in the United States to be held in contempt of the court, convicted for child alienation). Despite his court battles, Ted states:

“I don’t want to be a dad advocate, I want to be a child advocate”

He has had difficult times with this daughters, but feels the best way to handle a dispute is to maintain composure. He believes it was important to remind them that he would always be there.

“If you get angry, words don’t get through”

He considers his relationship with his daughters as similar to his work in the marketing world.

“I had two consumers, my daughters, that didn’t want what I had to sell”

He says the people around him kept him going through the years of battling his ex-wife.

“What I learned from my parents were how they were always there, and how they never backed off”

Ted’s wrestling coach from his school days was another major influence in his life.

“I was the best wrestler because I believed in what he taught”

Ted’s social media hashtag on various programs is #NoLetUp. He believes that with social media, if done right, you are never alone.

He doesn’t forget the importance of his relationships offline, having people that love and care about you, and are always present.

Ted considers himself a “community builder” more so than a networker.

“I bring people together, because I want them to share”

He feels that his wrestling background has taught him resilience, and a certain “stick-to-it-iveness”

With wrestling, there’s always another comeback, another match, and another time. He feels that not having wrestling in his life would have affected him negatively in other aspects.

Every Friday at 3 pm ET, Ted hosts a webshow with Brian Fanzo, called “NoLetUp!”

@TedRubin (on Snapchat and other platforms)

TedRubinUSA (YouTube)

You can connect with Ted on Twitter @tedrubin

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