The secret sauce here is providing good content because content creates a platform for people and brands to communicate, not just about products and services, but about what is important to consumers. If your content is on target, it will be spread freely via social platforms. A blog or social post is just the beginning of the journey. People influenced by the post share what they’ve read wherever they communicate; and when the content is evergreen, it will live on for a long time (unlike a one-and-done advertisement). It is an incredibly potent form of word-of-mouth marketing as long as you make your audience’s needs, desires and interests the focus. Take them on the journey of transformation with your content because content drives engagement, engagement drives advocacy, and advocacy correlates directly to increased sales.

The vast majority of what Brands consider and refer to as “Influencers” are media creators, storytellers and relationship/community builders… leverage it for what it is, not what you are hoping it will be. Their content very often is great content, marketing and advertising… but don’t make the mistake of relying on “influencers” to drive people in droves to simply buy your product because they say so.

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