The Universal Coupon is a new industry standard. It brings all coupon data to the cloud to enable a serialized, single-use manufacturer funded coupon. If coupons are a part of your retail strategy, THIS CONCERNS YOU… there is an important change coming, be prepared.

It is brought to you buy The Coupon Bureau, an Agnostic Solution Provider selected in 2019, Non-profit, managed by the grocery industry, Backed by JICC, ACP, FMI, CBA, CIC, Conexxus, NACS… Supports / Enables New Standard & Process AI (8112) Connected ecosystem.

The legacy coupon format is prone to fraud, operational inefficiencies, and slow settlement.

In order to modernize this process, the industry has decided to centralize all coupon data in the cloud by moving to a new application identifier, AI (8112). With this new, single source of truth, the ability to produce counterfeits has been removed, and brands now have the ability to distribute offers directly to their audience while receiving real time attribution data. These offers can be used in digital and print format and are retailer-agnostic.

The Coupon Bureau is a non-profit, industry managed, centralized data exchange connecting all stakeholders to the new Universal Digital Coupon positive offer file. The Coupon Bureau’s mission is to collaborate with industry partners and accelerators to connect manufacturers, retailers, and consumers with new and improved coupon offerings that are accurate, secure, and delight consumers.  We shall achieve our mission by developing new technologies and partnering with third-party technology companies, educating and informing manufacturers and retailers, and communicating clearly to consumers.  As a non-profit, The Coupon Bureau shall contribute surplus proceeds to the community.

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