This clip is a part of this longer conversation with the inimitable William Harris on his Up Arrow Podcast…

I like to say I got started in social media, and in the third act of “My Story,” as soon as getting involved in this thing we call the Internet when I joined Seth Godin’s start-up, Yoyodyne, in 1997. I was very fortunate to approach Seth when he was in the midst of launching and growing his Yoyodyne, and before he published his first marketing bestseller, Permission Marketing. I was intrigued by an interview in which he said that he always needs smart people who can sell anything. I said, “Well, that’s me…!” I started as a salesperson and ended up building the entire sales team to sell a product that was the first click-through online product, when no one knew what that was. And learing so much from Seth led me to my career in marketing.

AND this short story is how it all started… keep an open mind and #BeGoodToPeople. 

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