Powerful Tips On Building Your Brand With Social Media (Interview with Ted Rubin)

Trust Based Lawyer Marketing Trust Based Lawyer Marketing

Published on May 20, 2014

Powerful Tips On Building Your Brand With Social Media interview with Ted Rubin. Join us as Bill Turley of Trust Based Lawyer Marketing™https://www.TrustBasedLawyerMarketing.com interviews social media brand building guru Ted Rubin of https://TedRubin.com/ as he shares with us how to build your brand using social media streams like Facebook and Twitter, and also talks about the importance of knowing that Brands are from mars and consumers are from venus.


Here is a recap of the video:

0:46 What Is The Relationship On Brand and Reputation?

1:44 How To Build Your Brand Through Facebook?

3:27 How To Make A Human Connection On Social Media

4:32 How To Use Customer Service To Develop Relationships

6:00 Brands Are From Mars and Consumers Are From Venus

6:59 Pick Up The Phone and Connect By Call Folks

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