TRUST is built upon interaction, when you’re true to your word, authentic, and genuine. To build relationships online,
you (as a brand or individual) have to offer value in return. TRUST requires INCLUSION… and “TRUST Exchanges” are a part of everything we do.

TRUST Simplified… TRUST is different from most things we earn. It is highly valued, but it can’t be bought, sometimes shared, but that window closes quickly when overused as it often is. It must be earned, but cannot be sold. Its lifespan will be as long as you are willing to nurture, respect, and care for it. IMHO trust has a way of earning its own value and maintaining its own lifespan. Those who seek it, and want to keep it, have to live with that reality. “REAL trumps PERFECT… because REAL creates TRUST.”

We are most often influenced by our friends, family, and colleagues… not by “influencers.” Relationships play a crucial role in TRUST. Everyone influences Someone… so empower you those around you, Friends, Family, Customers, Colleagues and Employees to Power your TRUST QUOTIENT.

Lost trust cannot be recovered. It must be built anew. Restoring TRUST… is the same as initially building TRUST, but requires much more consistent and authentic effort.

Relationships are like muscle tissue, the more you engage them, the stronger and more valuable they become… because Relationships ARE the most valuable currency – honor them, invest in them, and start measuring your ROR!

#Trust #CreateTrust #EndHate… #NoLetUp!👊🏻

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