[DISCLOSURE:  I have been compensated by Liberty Travel to write about my experience.  All opinions are my own. Liberty paid for my influence, expertise and work, not for my advocacy (which has to be earned).]

For many years now I have always booked vacation trips myself online, and find in incredibly stressful and overwhelming. Often, even when I know exactly what I want to do and where I want to do it, the process online is onerous and difficult to accomplish. Please understand I am talking about vacation travel, not business travel… two completely different animals for me. Although after my expereince with Liberty Travel, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could lighten my business travel load as well. Liberty Travel introduced me to an warm, caring, and knowledgeable agent named Janie Darrow at their Hollywood, FL location. Zoetry7 With Janie the day I booked my trip to Zoetry Resorts in Punta Cana  Janie and I had spoken very briefly so she could get the basics of what I was looking for in a vacation resort. She kept it brief, as I was pressed for time when we chatted, and asked exactly the right questions. When we met at her office she was totally prepared with five choices, all in line with we were looking to do, and we quickly boiled it down to two. After a very pleasant and knowledgeable discussion it was clear that Zoetry was exactly what we wanted. I can write a flowery post detailing evrything, but I am direct and I think that is what my readers expect from me. This was a fabulous experience, and one that I will most definitely repeat in the future. Stress free, quick and easy, great information and left me feeling good and with a smile on my face. Can’t wait for the trip… July 19 – 23. Keep an eye out, because I promise to share all the goodness via my Istagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr… so wherever you follow me, you will be sure to experience Zoetry Resorts Punta Cana through my eyes. You know I like to share 🙂 Below is a preview from the brochure that helped us make a decision. Zoetry1 Zoetry3 Zoetry4 Zoetry5 Zoetry6 Zoetry2

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