With the addition of live streaming we now have the ability to share all video, AND “all content,” in so many more ways, via more apps, with story-telling and engagement at the core. I find that I need to use this ability more, but also see so many using it way too much. So… standing out in a positive way is not easy. I have decided to make use of video here and there, make it something special, and when I think it adds value, instead of bombarding people constantly. You need to see how you can tell stories, create narratives, build relationships, communicate with consumers, and create learning for your organization… but pay attention to your relationships and connection nodes, and be sure to evolve as you go, and don’t lose sight of what was working before and still does. If you are only focused on the Money… You risk completely overlooking the People.

Always remember what is crucial in marketing is achieving your goals without doing damage to your brand. Customer experience is what will grow and sustain your brand over the long-term. So… if video content for social media facilitates that, cost-effectively, then by all means it is important. If not… then it most certainly is not.

Your Brand/Business is what you do; your Reputation is what people Remember and Share.

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