This series was conceived before COVID-19 but was executed as COVID-19 began to heat up and change all of our worlds. This worldwide crisis we are all dealing with is causing everyone to have to change things up. Instead of doing this in a studio with a team, I did the first one at home solo. Innovation and the ability to improvise and adapt has been the order of the day.

As this interview began, I received a text message learning a friend of mine in New York City was gravely ill with COVID-19 and was not able to receive access to a critically needed ventilator and was likely to die, which he did. As a 48 year old Ultra Runner, this virus does not always discriminate. This is how our world is changing. When COVID-19 retreats, we will all be entering a New Normal. The world as we knew it before COVID-19 will NOT return. We as business professionals need to prepare for this New Normal now. as it WILL eventually come.

As usual, Ted Rubin delivers. Ted focuses on brand promise and engagement delivered in a world of uncertainty. Pay close attention to his point on how to avoid the knee jerk response, ‘We only care about you during a crisis’ and what that means to a brand. I guarantee you will take something away from this Ted talk.

Cheers everyone and please stay safe.

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