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Photofy is a content creation app using photos and videos to easily create beautiful branded content, on the go, in under 30 seconds… it enables businesses to empower their employees, community, and sales consultants to create content at scale as close to the consumer as possible.

A common misunderstanding about SEO is that there is some magic formula which will help you win search. There isn’t, at least not for long. The only way to ‘win’ is to constantly be creating relevant, localized content. There is no shortcut, but there are tools that can support that effort.”

Moving content creation as close to the customer as possible makes sense. Who knows their local market better than the local real estate agents, and franchise and retail employees. Photofy is unlocking the influencer everyone.

The need for quality, organic content is greater than ever – think how many channels a brand has and how often they SHOULD be engaging (multiple times daily). Content from real people (community members), Community Created Content, CCC , and from Employees, Employee Created Content, ECC is invaluable. All studies show that it is more engaging than content from brands.

Along the Prevailing Path of digital, real user content is among the most powerful for engagement and conversion. and @PhotofyApp on Twitter and Instagram.


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