What you post here is UP TO YOU… no one else.

Simply put, don’t listen to the prognosticators that tell you what is and isn’t appropriate on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your Blog, etc,… IT’S ALL BULLSHIT!

Post whatever works for you. The best content is content that helps you achieve the goals you are looking to achieve. Anything anyone wants to post, that achieves the result they want to achieve, makes it right. Look at the Likes, Comments and Views. All this nonsense about what is the right forum is just that… nonsense.

The beauty of Social Media Platforms is that they are the ultimate in Permission Marketing. You do not like what I am posting, either simply don’t read it, or disconnect and do not follow me if you’re not happy.

Post away people, see what resonates with your followers and others… and/or simply send the message and information that works for you. #NoLetUp!

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